Deadline Button

Click the "deadline" button to see all notes with deadline

Setting deadline for a note

1. Right-Click anywhere on a note

2. Choose "Set deadline" from the context menu

3. Click "Done" button

Deadline reminders indicated by colors: green, orange, and red.

Green - starting from specified number of days before the due date.

Orange - day before due date.

Red - due date and past due.

For example

If you specify remind 1 day before Mar 4, 1789

Mar 4, 1789 On Mar 3, 1789 - deadline will become green.

Mar 4, 1789 On Mar 4, 1789 - orange.

Mar 4, 1789 On Mar 5, 1789 and later - red.

Removing deadline

1. Choose "Edit note" from the context menu

2. The "deadline" button toggles deadline ON and OFF