Dependencies explained

When one note depends on another

To establish "Parent - Child", "First - Second", "Previous - Next", "Dependent - Independent", or etc. relationships between notes, you need two notes: one of them goes "before" in time, another - "after".

Accordingly, it's a two step process:

1) Click on one of the two notes in question. It becomes selected

2) Right-click on another note.

Select one of the two menu items: either "This note goes Before" or "This note goes After".

Color coding

Notes that can not be completed because they depend on something else - have red border.
Notes that could be done right away - have green border:

Note: You can deselect the note but clicking on it again.

Display dependencies

At any time you may choose "Display dependencies" menu item

to see all dependencies of the note.

Shown above

Notes shown above are the notes that needs to be completed before the note in question (highlighted in the picture) could be started.

Shown below

Notes shown below are the notes that depend on the note in question (highlighted in the picture).

Note: during displaying dependencies, Search Ring disappears. To return it - simply click on any tag or choose View ->Show Search Ring