Ring Browser

If you want to see all your notes that have particular tags on them, more than one, then you need to add more than one tag to the search ring.

1. Add your first tag as usual.

2. When adding second tag, make sure you are holding Ctrl button at the moment of the tag release.

Dragging the tags off the RingBrowser (as opposed to dragging tags off the blue stripe on the left) is just more convenient.

All tags that will not change resulted set of notes are getting auto-added

Let's say first note has 2 tags on it: A and B. The second note has 3 tags on it: A, B, and C.

Do I have to add tag B if tag A is added to the search ring?

Answer: No, tag B is getting auto-added


Because by adding tag B manually the set of notes (number of notes) wouldn't change. Tag B will not be auto-added if resulted set of notes can be further subdivided by adding tag B.

Does sequence of adding the tags matter?

Yes, it does.


Tag A: 15 notes total
Tab D: 37 notes total
Both tags A and D: 15 notes

Adding A first: all 15 notes with tag A appear and ALL of them with tag D -> tag D is getting auto-added.

Adding D first: all 37 notes with tag D appear and 15 of them (NOT ALL) turn out to be with tag A -> tag A is not getting auto-added.